Conservation, Protection and Promotion of the Weto Sacred Site at Goviefe Todzi for the enhancement of the lives of the People.

Objectives To conserve natural and semi-natural habitats and ecosystem services within the Weto Sacred Groves, (wildlife habitats, agro-biodiversity areas, etc.) To strengthen Institutional capacity at the landscape level to transform the Grove into a model Eco-tourism and a source of alternative livelihood for the people of Goviefe Communities to realize the goal of integrating conservation […]

Assessment, Documentation and Biological Inventory of Sacred Sites in the Kpeve-Agate Cluster of the Weto Mountain Range Ecosystem, Sponsored by GEF UNDP/ SGP

Study area The Kpeve-Agate Weto Mountain Range Ecosystem lies in the Volta Region of Ghana (Figure 1). It falls within a bounding box of 6o 40′ 7.00″N, 0o 19′ 39.30″E and 6o 44′ 42.00″N, 0o 21′ 38.25″E. Objective(s) To document the bio inventory within the area To identify and assess the sacred groves (ICCAs) with the area Observation/Recommendation Due […]

Training on Mock Auditing/Monitoring of the Legality Assurance System (LAS) of the Voluntary Partnership Agreement under the Forest Legality Economic Governance and Trade

ARDO staff participate in Mock assessment of the effective implementation of the FLEGT/VPA training of non-state actors who want to improve their technical competence in the ongoing efforts to actively monitor the implementation of the FLEGT/VPA Legality Assurance System (LAS). This training led by Proforest-Ghana combined a class and field-based practice. Objectives To increase CSOs […]

Training on Anti-Corruption Toolkits in the Forest Sector for CSOs and the Media

This was facilitated by A Rocha, Friends of the Earth, and Tropenbos-Ghana under a programme titled Green Livelihoods Alliance. Objective: To further build capacities of CSOs, Researchers, and the Media to better understand the unacceptable and corrupt practices in the forest sector. Outcome(s) After a thorough discourse at the workshop and briefing of the rest of the staff upon return on […]

Workshop on Experience Sharing on Gender Mainstreaming, Inclusiveness and Responsiveness

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Academia and the Media had a day Refresher Program on how to ensure we integrate gender into our programs. Issues Discussed were ensuring sexual harassment free working environment gender mainstreaming, inclusiveness and responsiveness in our daily lives and activities How to train Youth Groups and Associations, Educators at the basic schools […]

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