ARDO’s Collaboration with Forest Watch-Ghana on Awareness Raising among Community Fringing Forests in the Hohoe and Kadjebi Districts

Ten communities around Kabo and Odome River Forest Reserves were facilitated in the two districts. In the Kadjebi, two communities are indigenes and three settler farmer/ communities and in Hohoe, three Akpafu and two Santrokofi communities awareness on forest Governance were raised.

Main Issues Discussed with Communities

  • Forest Governance, including direct and indirect benefits
  • Operations  of timber companies under the law
  • Illegal chain saw activities
  • Social Responsibility Agreement between Timber Companies and the forest fringe communities
  • Payment of royalties and benefit sharing by Forestry Commission and the Forest communities


  • Illegal chain saw activities are rampant in both the Togo Plateau, Kabo, and Odome River Forest Reserves and off reserves
  • Non-payment of compensation to farmers by Timber Companies for crops destroyed.
  • Alleged issuance of a permit to chain saw operators by other agencies instead of the Forestry Commission.
  • Landowners selling trees to chain saw operators without the consent of the settler farmers
  • The signing of SRA with the Timber Companies without community participation
  • Encroachment and Calls for re-demarcation of the Odome River to allow for more farming lands for local people.
  • Community Forest Protection Task Forces needed to revived and motivated to work.
  • Need to summarize forest laws into local languages for the communities.
  • Need to increase awareness on tree tenure and benefit-sharing of forest resources with the youth, women and settler farmers

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