Assessment, Documentation and Biological Inventory of Sacred Sites in the Kpeve-Agate Cluster of the Weto Mountain Range Ecosystem, Sponsored by GEF UNDP/ SGP

Study area

The Kpeve-Agate Weto Mountain Range Ecosystem lies in the Volta Region of Ghana (Figure 1). It falls within a bounding box of 6o 40′ 7.00″N, 0o 19′ 39.30″E and 6o 44′ 42.00″N, 0o 21′ 38.25″E.


  • To document the bio inventory within the area
  • To identify and assess the sacred groves (ICCAs) with the area


  • Due to the economic importance of the range for the local people and outsiders, a study should be carried out to monetize the various services derived from the forest.
  • Scattered farming activities are currently on-going within the range which will require alternative livelihood initiatives
  • Due to these services conservation effort would be worthwhile.
  • The communities should be educated to adhere to their traditional values to facilitate conservation effort as this gradually been eroded as a result of modernity and imported religion.

Project in Pictures

Identified Grove between kpeve to Agate by ARDO, sponsored by GEF Small grants program Ghana 0500000000000

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