Conservation, Protection and Promotion of the Weto Sacred Site at Goviefe Todzi for the enhancement of the lives of the People.


  • To conserve natural and semi-natural habitats and ecosystem services within the Weto Sacred Groves, (wildlife habitats, agro-biodiversity areas, etc.)
  • To strengthen Institutional capacity at the landscape level to transform the Grove into a model Eco-tourism and a source of alternative livelihood for the people of Goviefe Communities to realize the goal of integrating conservation and production in the landscape.


  • Seventy Acres (70 Acres) land size of grove documented for the community
  • Total community support including Christians who hitherto were opposed to existence of ICCAs.
  • Youth now associate with the care taker and learning learn from him on Caring for the grove.
  • Youth of the Community had their first experience of visiting to the grove.
  • Encroachers on the site have voluntarily withdrawn and are allowing for natural regeneration of the forest.
  •  They have voluntarily assisted to demarcate and allow the Grove to be gazetted.
  • The environmental task force mobilized the community, fought and put out fire at night which was formally not a bother to the community.
  • The Community task force designed a waste management strategy by fixing special receptacles on electric poles and trees.
  • The project has rekindled communal spirit, resulting into a durbar ground project and the coronation of the Executive Director of NEBF Jessica Brown as the development Queen of Goviefe Traditional Area under the stool name Mama Nyuiwoa I (Queen who does good always).
  • Chiefs of nearby communities now requesting ARDO’s support to restore and conserve their groves along the landscape.

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